Reprezent Project: the story so far


Our vision is simple: Offer the community easy access to contemporary arts based events.

With professional induction workshops you will find a long term and effective method that in one hand finds, deals and tackles current complex social challenges and in the other hand nourishes and develops specific occupational and creative as well as skill-based needs of our society. img_1476

The impact of our efforts  has been beyond overwhelming. Our first event – PARKT! a multi-discipline showcase of urban art, dance and animation workshops took place on the 28th of August 2016 at the St.Georges Theatre Plaza in Great Yarmouth.


The engagement of the local community with this project completely exceeded our expectations. With an attendance of nearly 300 people, we offered the community an exclusive event that included a Graffiti Competition, a dance battle, stop-motion workshops as well as live animation and a taster wall to try spray painting and stencil art.

This gave the opportunity to local people of all ages and backgrounds to watch and participate, though most of all offered a true sense of community where collaboration, kinship and acceptance was exchanged through the entire event.


PARKT! is the stepping stone of what our purpose is as a community project. Every year we will join all our efforts to make PARKT! the platform to showcase and ultimately inspire the population of Great Yarmouth and surrounding areas. Participation in events such as these helps rejuvenation and promotes investment in our town as an attraction by developing a constructive and mainly creative component of the traditional strategy put in place by local authorities and government to attract tourism and revenue.

Fundamentally our aim is empower and add true value and transferable skills to the life of young people in the area by creating a sense of social inclusion and engagement.

Through having a more inviting and occupational approach to young and unemployed individuals we can divert them from negative ways of life toward to behaviours of personal development, increased self-esteem, a bigger sense of belonging within society, acceptance and even financial independence.


Working and connecting directly with the community on a need basis model has not only proven very rewarding on a number of levels, but has also given us a very effective way of gaining the deepest understanding of what these needs really are.

In this way we are able to match a specific need with a tailored solution that sparks not only curiosity but opens a way for our audience to discover strengths. Developing these strengths in parallel with entrepreneurial skills we can inspire individuals and groups to potentially start-up a feasible local business or to get work in the artistic industry they wish to pursue.

In conclusion – Reprezent Project provides a range of innovative learning opportunities, workshops and events, working collaboratively with local people, businesses and social sector organisations to improve equality of opportunity for young people who may be deemed as vulnerable or at risk.















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