Community Canvas is our inaugural year long project for 2017 part of a bigger initiative that we decided to call #InnovatingGY !


Starting this January we are working in partnership with a central Great Yarmouth school,  delivering a tailor made series of activities, workshops and talks around a question that google cannot answer: “Is there beauty in crime?”

We will be teaching the young generation a lesson about Urban Art, showing the differences between Graffiti art and vandalism, challenging them to question if (there is beauty in crime?). We are also delivering to the same students a day long experience about rap, poetry and music making and finally we were commissioned to beautify the schools main entrance wall with a bespoke mural to be painted in a collaboration between our artists and the year 3 students where they will have the amazing opportunity of collaborating and deciding in what is to be featured in the painting.

All students will help painting the wall for the artists.

With this initiative we are promoting inclusion, artistic engagement  and respect for the community’s visual landscape with the hope of inspiring the next generation and their peers with  Art expression throughout audio-visual urban arts.

Hype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5_VSE1A5rE

by the end of 2017 we hope to achieve the following goals:

-beautifying and regenerating Great Yarmouth’s Town centre public spaces

-Promoting behaviours of acceptance and cultural diversity as well as educating the importance of respecting public spaces

– Inspiring ownership, curiosity, involvement and creating a platform that constantly develops and nurtures the creative sphere of Great Yarmouth

– tackling negative behaviours of social exclusion, lack of interest, disruptive behaviour and lack of self confidence with arts projects that instigate curiosity in the community where engaging in group work and having to collaborate initiates ideas and specific tasks that drive individuals to be accepted by society and succeed positively

-Enriching the community with self-expressions of identity, creativity and culture by adding a busy and vibrant creative programme across key public spaces and targeted to young individuals of Great Yarmouth in order to promote inclusion and truly rejuvenating the cultural offer of our Town, where colour, music and art are the drivers of a successful foundation for a Greater Yarmouth


Painting is Poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not see.” 

Leonardo da Vinci


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