Reprezent Project brings local contemporary urban Art to Norwich’s Makers Month


From the 11th to the 13th of February 2017 Reperezent will inundate the Forum’s Atrium with a bespoke Digital Animation Station, a Skecthbook Laboratory, a doodling Drop-in and a charity initiative called Upcycling Trainers & Clothes = Helping the Homeless.

We have partnered up with locally acclaimed digital animation artist Matthew Harrison and established Urban Artists Harry Newman, Stane and Medivan who have all participated at PARKT! 2016. We aim to deliver an unforgettable experience in the realms of urban culture and visual arts to the Norwich population. We will be raising the awareness of how art can change communities, as well as inspiring individuals in pursuing alternative solutions that suit their vocations or spark their imagination to take their hobby to a professional level.

During the 3 days Reprezent will also be promoting their ongoing objectives and aspirations of revitalising the urban landscape with public art. Reprezent will also be scouting for new local talent in the audio-visual industry.


Reprezent Project is a Lottery Funded community group of international creatives. We are dedicated to offer the population easy access to contemporary arts based events with professional induction workshops. In hope of finding a long term and effective solution that in one hand identifies, deals and tackles current complex social challenges, and in the other hand nourishes and develops specific occupational and creative as well as skill-based needs of our society.

All sessions will be free to attend and crowds will have the opportunity to meet and talk to artists in action where they will engage with participants to have a go at doodling or experimenting with sketching.

Mendivan @ Makers Month.jpg

About Upcycling Trainers & Clothes = Helping the Homeless  We will collect lightly used men’s, women’s shoes which will then be repainted by our resident Artist Mendivan and we will donate all the items directly to homeless people in need in Great Yarmouth. This is our pilot project for Parkt Stylez! Where we inspire curiosity in the community and also boost the self-esteem and motivation of homeless individuals with the hope they walk towards a better future and a home.

The Digital Animation Station is only £5 and is limited to 10 spaces per session. All participants in this workshop will know how to animate independently with an iPad or tablet . All participants will have the opportunity to be sent to their email account a copy of their work. information on how to book your space is here:

For all the information About our participation at Makers Month follow this link:’%20Month%202017/Makers%27%20Month


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