Upcycling Trainers = Helping Lives

JPEG image-97A1790CB5CD-1 2.jpegYour used shoes could be homeless person’s path to a better life!

This campaign is our effort to raise awareness about homelessness and we want to provide custom made shoes to homeless people and to those in need, free of charge, in our local communities to promote social inclusion and acceptance.

We will be collecting lightly used men’s, women’s shoes. These shoes and clothes will then be repainted by one of Reprezent’s resident artists, we will then donate all the items that were painted treated and upcycled directly to homeless people in need in Great Yarmouth.

Our aim for this project is to up-cycle 100 pairs of trainers to donate to 100 homeless people in an effort to help them reshape their lives positively in every  step of their journey.

This is our pilot project for Parkt Stylez! where we inspire curiosity in the community about Clothing and it’s entrepreneurial qualities, but also cultivate a social behaviour where the community engages in accepting homeless people in society. The up cycled shoes become the first step of accepting someone with the hope that they walk towards a brighter future. One that re-integrates and provides them access to housing and the labour market, as well as other sources of income, the education and healthcare systems, and forms of political representation and participation.

Moving forward we hope that this project truly makes a difference for the homeless community and will make them feel like an important part of the community of Great Yarmouth. Our hope is also to inspire others to follow similar initiatives that teach us the value of giving, helping and working together in our communities towards a better future.

Together, moving in the right direction with the inspiration of our shoes we can achieve a Greater Yarmouth.

If you would like to make a donation please contact us by email or on our Facebook page and we will arrange collection, don’t forget the shoes need to be in an acceptable condition for us to be able to use them!

Next time you are clearing out shoes don’t just take them to the bin, your shoes could help someone in need take steps towards a brighter future.

Thank you in advance

Reprezent Project


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