Reprezent Project is a community group aspiring to become a social enterprise, any profit made by our work goes directly back to the community through future events we are organising, in order to sustain our efforts we provide a number of specialised multi-media services.

Here is our Services price guide :

*Animation video for your business (2-10 mins Max): £80-500 + VAT
*Social Blog Writing for your business (per entry): £105 +VAT
*Radio Spot Production for you business (30 secs Max.): £150 +VAT
*Music production of an instrumental track for your business: £195 +VAT
*Photoshoot for your business (Spaces and People): £225 + VAT
*Poster Designed and couple of finished designs for your final approval: £187.50 +VAT
*Photoshoot for your business (Corporate events and Parties): £375 + VAT
*Promotional Video and editing for your business ( 7 minutes maximum): £425+VAT
*Music production of an instrumental track and singer for your business: £475 +VAT
*Social Media Development Services for your Businees: £100 – £800 +VAT
*Series of Professional Creative Workshops (3 or 5): £950 or £1500 + VAT
*Graffiti Service and all the material: £1000 – £2500 + VAT
*25 minutes Short documentary: £3500 + VAT

Any production of videos (5 mins Max) for charities or community groups fundraising: FREE

for all enquires and further quotations please contact us at: